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  • Let’s “Fix” Some Ageist Headlines
    Join the anti-anti-aging movement by arming yourself with an editor’s pen, finding some ageist headlines, and marking them up in clever and artful ways!
  • Do Elder Care Providers Have An Obligation to Tackle Ageism?
    The answer, in my opinion, is yes. Ageism may not be a fun subject, mostly because it is damaging to nearly everyone, no matter our age. But it is a serious issue and concern for older adults, especially those who are living in elder care communities. The good thing about it is that since we all have the potential to experience it, we can all work to dismantle […]
  • Let’s End Ageism, Creatively
    With a mission to harness culture, creativity, and art that changes perceptions about age and aging, Art Against Ageism has launched this website and its first interactive art installation. As an alliance and media platform that seeks to utilize creativity and collaboration to raise awareness, educate, and engage communities in activating against ageism, Art Against Ageism has partnered with Keswick, a Baltimore-based, not-for-profit organization that provides a variety […]
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