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Let’s “Fix” Some Ageist Headlines

How often do you see anti-aging ads in your social media? For me, it’s a daily occurrence. The most common of these posts is a video or photo of a woman who claims that XYZ cream has made her face less wrinkly or her neck less saggy, all, of course, in the name of feeling and looking younger.

Worse still are the articles with headlines claiming there are 10 ways I can dress myself to look younger. Others suggest that there are seven ways I can look younger with make up tricks that keep my eyes from looking less saggy and my eyebrows less furrowed.

Change the Content , Change the Culture

These ageist, clickbait headlines are simply the facades of even more ageist articles that seek to make us feel like we must always be striving to look and feel younger.

I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in looking and feeling younger. Fitter, maybe. Healthier, yes. But younger is something I will never be and can never be. Sadly, when our youth-obsessed culture and the content that helps to create it is full of these messages, what does that mean for older people?

At 56, I can say that it makes me feel less valued and less seen. But more importantly, the effect that it has on older people as a whole is disturbing, in my opinion. The devaluing of a significant percentage of the world’s population (12 percent of people on this planet will be 65 years and older by 2030) is a concern for anyone who plans to live a long life.

Let’s Take Action

Age-Friendly Vibes, Art Against Ageism, and Changing the Narrative have come together to launch a contest today that builds on Art Against Ageism’s “Fixed It” campaign.

In short, we are asking you to use your creativity and imagination to “fix” these damaging headlines.

Get the details HERE.