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Throughout modern history, art in its many forms has sought to address social issues, counter the harmful impact of mass media, and change our perspectives of the world. Artists have utilized visual, literary, musical, and performing arts to comment on, respond to, or advocate for change and engage communities in dialogue and consciousness raising.

Meg LaPorte and Jordan Evans created Art Against Ageism as an alliance and media platform for the purpose of identifying, amplifying, and creating artistic endeavors that confront and tackle damaging stereotypes and misperceptions about age, older adults, and being older.

We partner with organizations and other entities to create and implement strategic communications plans that utilize traditional, non-traditional, and other tactics to ensure the initiative’s effectiveness and impact.

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Jordan Evans (left)

As a dancer, singer, equestrian, and art enthusiast, Jordan has always had a penchant for creativity and social entrepreneurship. Such is evident in his many volunteer efforts: as a founding board member of Lindy Hop Matters; director of development for City Ranch, a barn dedicated to giving urban children lifelong memories on the backs of horses and providing accessible and affordable horseback riding; and as a student engagement consultant with LeadingAge. While obtaining his BA in aging services at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Jordan served as undergraduate student council vice president for the Erickson School of Aging Studies. He currently serves as regional recruiter for a large long-term and post-acute care provider. His passion for advocating for older adults, along with his desire to tackle ageism that affects all ages led him to cofound Art Against Ageism.

Meg LaPorte

With a passion for storytelling and its power to change hearts and minds, Meg founded the blog, Age In America, in 2016 to help reframe perceptions of aging and older adults. It soon became her passion project as well as the foundation for her work in advocating for older adults and tackling ageism. With years of experience in nonprofit management, writing, and social entrepreneurship, she has since been devoted to harnessing the power of storytelling, trend-spotting, and idea curation to produce compelling communications and marketing campaigns. To that end, Meg has recently focused her creative energy on cofounding Art Against Ageism. She earned an MA in Management of Aging Services from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2014.

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